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Timestamp Token Certification Service

The INPIT has launched a service called "Timestamp Token Certification Service" on March 27, 2017.
Timestamps are electronic signed certifications that prove the existence of electronic documents at a specific point of time. Time-stamping services are provided by officially accredited providers (Time Stamp Authorities: TSAs*). A user first generates the hash that comprises a set of digits and characters of representing an electronic document to be time-stamped, and then sends a time-stamping request message with the hash to a TSA. According to the user’s request, the TSA generates a “timestamp token” that comprises the hash and the date-time of timestamping, and sends the token back to the user.
As a governmental organization, INPIT receives and securely keeps timestamp tokens according to user’s requests, and will issue a certificate that describes the information of timestamp token and the received date of the token when the user will request a formal certificate. The issued formal certificates may increase the integrity and credibility.
*TSAs: see http://www.dekyo.or.jp/tb/english/index.html
**Japanese guidelines for this service: see http://faq.inpit.go.jp/tradesecret/general/ts_service.html