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Exchange of Industrial Property Information among Offices and Utilization of the Information

Following the agreements on the Trilateral (the EPO, the USPTO and the JPO) Cooperation and bilateral agreements between offices and the JPO, INPIT supports to exchange industrial property information in the following ways:

  1. Provision for Overseas Offices and International Organizations with the Information
    Based on these agreements, INPIT processes JP industrial property information to provide them to overseas offices.
  2. Creation and Provision of Japanese Abstract Data
    INPIT creates abstract data of US patent documents, US publications of patent applications, and EP publications of patent applications all in Japanese. They are all enabled to view at the J-PlatPat.
  3. Creation and Provision of Patent Abstracts of Japan (PAJ)
    INPIT prepares abstracts of JP publications of patent applications in English and provides overseas offices with them in the form of CD-ROMs as references to the contents of the applications, media for promoting transfer of technologies to developing countries, and minimum documentation for prior art search of the international application based on Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).