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Public Gazettes Reading Room and Reference Materials Library

  • The INPIT gathers and preserves official gazettes on industrial property from all over the world, and offers them for public perusal at the Public Gazettes Reading Room[PDF:1MB], located in the JPO building. Sophisticated IP gazettes inspection terminals, equivalent to those daily used by JPO examiners, are also available for public use at the Room. Highly experienced instructors will assist users who need help.
  • The INPIT also collects and stores a variety of technical papers, books, databases, and other documents that are needed for both searching prior arts relevant to claimed subject matter and examining the patentability by examiners of the Japan Patent Office (JPO). The materials collected at the Library are available for users outside the JPO upon request.
  • Historical materials (e.g., gazettes, documents) are safely stored, and those of high value are repaired in case of damage due to aging.

Japan Platform for Patent Information (J-PlatPat)

  • In cooperation with the JPO, the INPIT provides a web-based library service called the Japan Platform for Patent Information (J-PlatPat). The J-PlatPat contains electronic data on patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks filed with the JPO. It also stores legal status information of those applications / rights.
  • The J-PlatPat also provides English abstracts of publication of unexamined patent applications filed with the JPO (i.e., Patent Abstracts of Japan or PAJ). PAJ includes not only abstract but also bibliographic information and representative drawing. PAJ has been issued since 1976. Users are allowed to retrieve and browse PAJ via the Internet.  For more information, visit our J-PlatPat site and J-PlatPat manual [PDF:4MB].
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