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Open-Innovation Support Services

Expert Dispatch Programs

  • The method of open-innovation that gathers knowledge and technologies beyond the framework of organization has become general as a method for developing new technologies and new products.
  • To support open-innovation projects, INPIT dispatches experts who can advise on IP strategies to universities and/or research institutes, to which the project leader of an industry-academia collaborative research & development project belongs.
  • The experts offer timely advice or suggestions regarding strategic IP managements to the project leaders to realize smooth commercialization of research results. Every year, INPIT supports about 50 projects.

Intellectual Property Transaction Specialists Database

  • INPIT maintains the Intellectual Property Transaction Specialists Database (IPTSD) as a part of the efforts to stimulate IP transaction in Japan. The IPTSD stores about 173 items of data (in Japanese). Among them, 17 items of data are listed on the following site in English.

Intellectual Property Transaction Specialists Database (in English)

Licensable Patent Information Database Services

  • INPIT provides information services on licensable patents owned by universities, research institutions and companies. Information on so-called research-tool patents that are useful in research and development in the life sciences field are also provided.