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Poly-technology, Inc.

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Filing Date

October 11, 2009

Name of Agent

Business Field

Patent・Technical investigation/Legal・Licensing

Summary of Business

Poly-technology is a patent search company, specializing in the biotech, chemical, and food industries. We provide a first-class outsourcing service for patent searches in those areas. We believe that our service provides your business with many beneficial options.

Technical Field

Textiles Paper manufacturing/Chemistry Medicine/Organic materials/Inorganic materials/Foods Biotechnology/Living Culture

Feature of providing service, Charge system

Technical Trend Analysis

To create a competitive product in your market, effectively penetrate the market of your interest, or to find a business partner, our technical trend analysis based on patent applications and the patent map can be a powerful marketing tool. The patent map will give you an overview as who the key players are in your market and tell you which areas you should target. We can set up the subject for analysis based upon your request.

Prior Art Search

A prior art search is needed in a variety of situations: prior to the examination request, domestic/international patent application, and development of a product. A thorough prior art search can avoid unnecessary work and make subsequent patent filings faster and more efficient. In biotechnology, medicine, chemical, and food industry prior art searches require unique research skills in both academic articles and documents. Our team of researchers has extensive experience in these areas and we use proven search formulas and processes that we develop with our clients to ensure comprehensive and efficient searches.

Search of official notice document

Concerning nullification of a competitor’s patent, our professionals research the evidence required to establish an official notice for an invalidation trial. Extensive research is imperative in obtaining data to justify patent nullification. If you wish to pursue a patent nullification, please contact us for more information regarding your case.

Infringement Search

As a new product is released into the market, the risk of patent infringement, resulting in a potential lawsuit, should be considered. Expense for this search should avoid crucial loss by the lawsuit. Our professionals will exhaustively research all related areas and report relevant cases to control the risk of infringement.

Gene/Amino Acid Homology Search

In some cases, using Dgene and Registry(filed in STN data base) can often be a powerful tool because some information on genes/amino acids filed in patents is NOT properly included in public data base. By using the special data base, which specializes in gene/amino acid, our skillful researchers will search for all possible information of Gene/Amino Acid. Clients those who plan to file patens or develop product about new genes and protein products, please let us know.

Search of Chemical Compounds by Name/Structure

In searching for medicines and chemicals, because patents are claimed by Markush structure as well as by IUPAC, CA, trivial names, product names, and others, the scope of a patent is complicated. Therefore, we perform an infringement search for chemical compounds by reviewing Markush claims and determining if the compounds possibly infringe other patents. Clients those who plan to file patents or develop new chemical compounds, please let us know. Our skilled researchers will provide a professional search by using REGISTRY, MARPAT, and more that specialize in chemical compounds.

Previous Customers & Business Partners

Major pharmaceutical firms, bio-venture companies, patent firms etc…

Agent Information

3-7-5  56-206 Hirao, Inage-Shi, Tokyo
Yoshiki Kimura
Date of establishment
July, 2006
Number of employees
3-7-5  56-206 Hirao, Inage-Shi, Tokyo


Ken Nyukai
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