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Strategic Use of Intellectual Property

For Innovation-Oriented Users

  • The INPIT helps and assists innovation-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), startups, universities, national laboratories, and related consortiums.
  • The INPIT has implemented a SME support program since FY 2011. IP strategy experts (Global IP Strategy Producers) are currently coaching SMEs that intend to launch business especially in Asian markets. For the convenience of SMEs, educational seminars are held. In FY 2013, those were held in 15 cities  throughout Japan.
  • In order to support the strategic IP management of industry-academia-government R&D consortiums, IP strategy experts (IP Strategy Producers ) are dispatched to about 30 consortiums. The INPIT also helps establish networks of universities within a strategic IP and R&D alliance in special fields. Experienced advisors are currently working at 13 networks in 2014.
  • The INPIT has maintained the Patent Licensing Information Database (PLID) and Research Tool Patent Database (RTPID) as IP utilization infrastructures for SMEs and startups. The PLID stores about 35,000 items of patent data (in Japanese); the RTPID stores about 600 items of data (in Japanese). Both the PLID and RTPID can be used free of charge for all services.
  • The INPIT has maintained the Intellectual Property Transaction Specialists Database(IPTSD)as a part of the efforts to stimulate IP trade in Japan and utilize IP information. The IPTSD stores about 173 items of data(in Japanese).  Among them, 17 items of data are listed on the following site in English.(http://www.inpit.go.jp/english/distri/db_top.html
  • The INPIT has launched a service called "Timestamp Token Certification Service" on March 27, 2017.For more information, see http://www.inpit.go.jp/english/utili/tstcs_top.html