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International Business-Related IP Support Services


  • Prior to expanding your business internationally, it is desirable to evaluate intellectual property risks. One of the examples is trouble with counterfeit goods which not a few Japanese companies have been facing to. The quality of counterfeit goods is generally poor. If consumers misunderstand the quality of your products is poor, you should crack down on counterfeit goods.
  • Another example is that a third party with bad faith has filed trademark application in a foreign country prior to the owner of its trademark. Most countries adopt the first-to-file system. As Japanese products have high quality, someone might file a trademark application taking advantage of your product reputation. Because it is not easy to revoke the registered trademark, you should consider filing a trademark application in foreign countries.
  • IP experts of INPIT, who have a lot of experience in the intellectual property field in the foreign countries, offer free-of-charge consultation services via face-to-face interview. Their advice would help you to take countermeasures against the risks. It is also available to dispatch IP experts to hold a free seminar in your company at your request.