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IP Comprehensive Helpdesks in 47 Areas


  • IP Comprehensive Helpdesks, which are set up in every prefecture of Japan, offer free-of-charge consultation services on any intellectual property issues. If you have any problems regarding acquisition of intellectual property rights, protection of information as trade secrets or usage of intellectual properties to develop your business, you may ask IP Comprehensive Helpdesk.
  • Experienced IP experts including patent attorneys, small and medium sized enterprise consultants etc. answer your questions concerning intellectual property. More than 95,000 questions are solved a year. The details of those questions are as follows;
    • Procedures for obtaining an IP right in Japan
    • Japanese IP laws and regulations
    • Utilization of IP rights
    • Management of confidential information
  • IP Comprehensive Helpdesks cooperate with other organizations, such as local governments and SME SUPPRT JAPAN. In case your question includes non-IP issues, we will introduce you the appropriate organization.


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